Types of Dyes

Types of DyesSo many people strive to change their hair color. While hair color is determined by biological factors such as genetics and age, people have found a way to change it into whatever color they would prefer it to be. Hair dyes are popular. They are use to cover graying and as an artistic form of expression with the hair as the canvas.

Anyone who is considering a hair color change ought to learn about the different types of hair dyes which include:


A temporary hair dye is one of the simplest ways to change your hair color without committing to the change. Temporary hair color change can be achieved through food color and other temporary chemical dyes. The logic behind temporary hair dyes is that they do not change the structure of the hair strand. They are easy to apply. All you have to do is mix up the dye into a paste, apply it to the desired area, let it sit for the recommended period and then wash it off to reveal your new hair color.

Temporary hair dyes come off with every subsequent wash. This can be disadvantageous for those people who would like to have the color for longer. It is advantageous for those who do not like how they look with the hair color or those who would want to change their hair color often.


Semi-permanent hair color, as the name suggests, is neither permanent nor temporary. This type of dye uses some chemicals which coat the strand of hair with the desired color. The process, is, however, very effective, allowing the color to stay on longer. While semi-permanent dye washes off with subsequent washes, it also fades gradually until you have your original hair color back.

These dyes are also easy to apply. They also contain some chemicals but these are not significantly detrimental to your hair strands. They are often used by those who would like to have a color change that is not short-lived, that is, less than a month.


Permanent dyes are the most dangerous of all the dyes. They contain chemicals that lead to a change in the hair strands. In order to change the color of your hair permanently, a dye almost always has to have bleach, hydrogen peroxide and other harmful substances such as ammonia. These days, however, there are hair dyes that are made from friendly ingredients which are not as harsh on hair. They are even gentle enough to be used on natural hair.

This is the best choice for those who would like to make a radical permanent change because this dye does not come off. The only way to get your original hair color is through growing out your strands. The roots always grow in your original color. It is therefore best for those who want to cover their grey areas. However, you will need to touch up the roots if you want to maintain the hair color. Additionally, it is important to use color-friendly shampoos and conditioners to avoid fading out the colored strands.