Types of Braid Styles

Hair extensions come in different forms: texture, length, shapes and sizes. This versatility also translates into how they are installed. There are different styles that people have come up with over the years when it comes to having braids installed. They are suitable for school, casual and even official settings which makes them the perfect go-to protective style.

Some of the different types of braid styles are determined by:

Braiding Pattern

The braiding pattern refers to two-strand, three-strand twists and braids or even conrows. For two-strand twists, you have hairstyles such as Havana twists, chunky twists or even micro twists, depending on the thickness of the braid and hair section. On the other hand, three-strand braids can yield box braids, which can be slender or thick, also referred to as poetic justice braids. You can also end up with feed-in conrows where the braid sections are periodically filled in along the conrow to make it chunky. These are also known as Ghanaian conrows.

Method of Installation

The method of installation also distinguishes the style you can get from your braid. For box braids, twists and conrows, you grip the hair from the root with the braid extension. On the other hand, a style such as crocheting has a different mode of installation. First you conrow your hair on its own and then use a crochet needle to install the hair braids so that they sit on the conrow rather than gripping each section from the root. Each of these modes has its advantages and disadvantages.

Another mode that is common is wrapping. You can choose to install the braid from the root and then wrap it with more braid extensions. You could also choose to three-strand braid your own hair and then wrap it with the braid extension. This is common with faux locs. The latter helps to reduce tension on the scalp and also makes your hair easily accessible. This ultimately allows you to keep the braids in for longer since you can wash and care for your hair underneath the wrapping.

Length of Braids

Finally, the style of braid is determined by the length of the braid you want. If you would like shorter braids, you can get bob box braids. You can even taper the braids so that they are not uniform. However, if you want longer braids, you have styles such as the poetic justice braids. They are customary thick and long as well. This makes them easy to style on different ways. You can let them run down your back untied for a casual look or tie them into a high bun for an official look.


Braid styles evolve with every passing moment as hairdressers and hair enthusiasts find new ways to install or style the hair. The versatility provides you with numerous options to choose from. If you want your hair to be in a protective style, you have the option to change it up with every installation. You do not have to wear one look all the time when it comes to braid extensions.