Ann Arbor is located in Michigan. It is one of the best towns to eat and drink in while you are in college. Whether you are a resident, touring the area or if you just started college, you want to have the latest on best places to eat at.


There are many restaurants and bars to choose from. However, the top picks include:

  1. Mani Osteria & Bar

Mani Osteria is located on 341 E Liberty Street and is the best restaurant to get Italian in Ann Arbor.  The menu has a lot to offer. You can get salads, Italian sandwiches, pasta and some flavorful wood-fire pizzas among other dishes. The restaurant offers options so that you are spoilt for choice.

  1. Zingerman’s Deli

Zingerman’s Deli is the perfect blend of quality and the choice to carry takeaway items. It is located on 422 Detroit Street and is best known for its custom sandwiches. You also have the option to get various desserts, meat, cheeses or even loaves to go.

  1. Slurping Turtle

Chef Takashi Yagihashi is a force to reckon with. He fuses the Far East traditionalism with Japanese comfort food to provide some of the best dishes. You can enjoy Sashimi, Nigiri, Maki rolls and spicy homemade ramen among other dishes. The menu also features some flavorful and interesting dishes such as yellowtail tartare tacos. The restaurant is located on 608 E Liberty Street.

  1. Hunter House Hamburgers

Located on 609 E. William Street, Hunter House has some of the best burgers. The signature dish that everyone raves about is the signature slider.  These sliders have the best beef, cheese and grease combination. They are served in buns that are locally made and covered with some tasty sautéed onions.

  1. The Earle

Located on 121 W Washington Street, The Earle is a restaurant for those who would like to enjoy some fine dining. It is sophisticated so you need to put some effort in your dressing. The place is dimly lit and has some jazzy tones. The menu offers a couple of things for you to choose from. You can opt for sautéed duck breast or some sumptuous beef tenderloin. The wine list is also quite impressive. The rule of thumb is to with someone who is willing and able to pick up the sizeable tab.

Finding a great restaurant in Ann Arbor is not difficult. You just need to know where to look.