Your hair salon business should be growing this year by a minimum of 50% in new people and cash flow, and if it’s not than it’s definitely time to change some things.

Is the economy in the tank? Does that make it harder for any business to remain profitable? You’ll think I’ve lost it with my answers … yes, to the first and no, to the second. One of the things we need to watch ourselves with is always doing the same thing year after year and expecting different results. Think of your business like an airplane … if it ain’t moving forward it’s falling. You can’t let it coast, and you must continue to put forth the effort to continue to build it; and don’t worry, it’s not hard and won’t take too much of your time.

And now with a slow economy people will still be getting their hair cut and colored and more of the less experienced hairstylists won’t be in the industry because they lack a strong customer base. Which will mean there’s more prospects that’ll need to locate a new hair stylist, so why couldn’t that be you?

So exactly what are the objectives of your hair salon business this year? Are you hoping and praying that you’ll earn enough this week? Or, are you having new customers come in on a regular basis? If you are … congratulations, but if not then let’s get with it and form a operable plan to actively bring in new prospects to your salon.

Now an important thing to recognize right now is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to develop some very successful salon marketing ideas. I’m certainly not opposed to using the yellow pages except for the fact that the majority of all companies don’t have a clue of how to utilize that advertising medium to their advantage.

But that certainly isn’t one of the most economical ways to get people to come in so let’s just talk about those that would be easy to perform so you can build your hair salon business.

So, what are some low cost ways to effectively bring in new people to your shop?

  1. Referrals: This is certainly one of the very best ways to bring people in and most entrepreneurs don’t use it to their potential. Let me ask you, who do you referral your friends to? Those that blurt out something like “I’d like a referral” or those that constantly excel with their products and services? Did you realize that there are accepted ways to ask for referrals and get them? Did you know that the very best businesses always ask for referrals and get them? Did you realize that the best of the best will operate a referral only business?

So let me give you a proven way to develop for yourself right now. Ask for referrals when you’ve just put the finishing touches of on one of your clients. When they’re oooing and aaahing is exactly the right time to ask.

  1. Networking: This ought to be right up your alley because you have your customers coming to you regularly, and with just a little bit of elbow grease on your part you can categorize your clientèle by industry and begin to network with them to help their business and yours. Now, here’s the super secret tip of the day that you need to know, help them first. That impresses them and certainly proves that you’re concerned about them and so then you can tell them that your business is referral only and that you’re looking for customers just like them. And if you have an incentive program then by all means let them know about it.
  1. Public relations: Can you write an article about your trade for the local newspaper in your town? Do you know that by applying just minimal effort you could begin to write articles for the local paper on a regular basis and get incredible PR for your hair salon business? And that my friends means others will be talking about you over and over again.

Now, don’t fret, you don’t have to be an English major to write something, you only have to write like you talk to someone that comes in your shop. The best part is that you can write it one day, and then wait a day or two and read what you wrote and make any corrections you want before you send it to the publisher or newspaper. And if you have a blog about your business then of course mention it in your article along with all your contact information about your business.

These are easy and very inexpensive and just need someone to begin using them in their hair salon business on a regular basis … are you the one? And never forget that all of us are interested in the same thing – what’s in it for me. This is why it’s imperative that you perform well for them first, and then they’ll do all they can for you.

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