Sews in and hair weave


Get long and flowy hair with Hair Essentials Salon Studios’ sews-in and hair weave service. Why wait for months when you can get longer hair in just a few hours? And with a variety of sew-in extensions to choose from, there’s always an option for everyone whatever weave extension you want for your hair.

Why Sew-In?

There are different varieties of methods for hair extensions, and sew-in is one of the most popular ones to date. This permanent hair extension method became a favorite among the ladies because of its convenient nature. So what’s with all the ruckus about sew-ins? Here are some good reasons why.

No chemicals

Coming from the name itself, sew-in extensions are “sewn” to your natural hair. This means no adhesives, glue, or any kinds of chemicals involved that can harm your hair and scalp.

Holds on tighter to your natural hair

Since the weave will be sewn to your natural hair, it sticks for long without the worry of falling off. So if you are a physically active woman who loves to move around a lot, extension fall-off won’t be an issue.

Best for your budget

Sew-in extensions are affordable and don’t cost a luxury compared to other methods. This is perfect for budget-conscious women who are having a hair extension for the first time. We also have special sewn-in extension deals here at Hair Essentials Salon Studios too!

Flawless and natural-looking

Hair extensions that are sewn in look flawless and blend well with your natural hair. You can’t even identify if it’s a weave extension or natural hair because of how precise it is sewn into the hair. Sewn-in extensions are also tangle-free since they don’t stick to your natural hair.


Women who are looking for permanent weave extensions should try sew-ins. This is because it’s one of the preferred extension methods that lasts long on your hair. Of course, this will also be paired with proper hair extension care and treatment too. 

Let Our Experts Do The Weaving

Hair Essentials Salon Studios is all about bringing quality service to everyone. So rest assured that your hair will be in good hands when we start sewing in your chosen weave. Speaking of weaves, we have different styles and colors for you to choose from as well.


We also have hair care products that are specifically made for extensions too. Want to avail which one suits you best for your weave? Our consultants will be glad to assist you in that regard. Taking care of your extensions is just as important as taking care of your natural hair.

We Are Just One Call Away

Get a flawless and natural-looking weave by availing our sewn-in extension service today. You can visit us in our main building here in Ann Arbor or book a scheduled appointment in advance by calling us in our hotline numbers. You can also send us a message on our social media accounts too if you have any questions and other concerns about this service.