Preparing Your Hair for Braids

Braids are a very popular style. They are versatile and allow you to have different hairstyles when you have them in. they can also work for any occasion: official, dinner and casual depending on how you wear them. While having braids in is known to protect your hair, there is something crucial people forget.

This is that there has to be prior preparation before putting in the braids. Your hair is about to be under braids for two to four weeks and should therefore be in a healthy state although before the next wash.

So, how should you prepare your hair for braids?

Wash Your Hair

Never put braids on dirty hair. You have to use a clarifying shampoo before you get your hair braided. A clarifying shampoo gets rid of all the gunk in your scalp and strands. Starting on clean hair means that you can have the braids in for longer since you might not need to wash your hair soon.

Condition Your Hair

Conditioning your hair is another must-do. It helps to infuse moisture into your strands. The hair will not dry out for the period you have the braids in. One of the major causes of hair breakage is dryness which makes the strands brittle. The best thing is to deep condition using a mask a few days before having your braids put in. deep conditioning is much more effective than just simple conditioning.

Detangle Your Hair

Detangle your hair before you have braids put in. your hair will be in the same state for a few weeks. It should therefore be in the best shape possible. Detangling not only makes fixing the braids easier but also helps prevent breakage when manipulating it to do the braid for each section.

Oil Your Scalp and Strands

Oiling the hair strands seals in the moisture so that your hair does not dry out. It should therefore be done on about 10% damp hair. Let the hair dry completely after oiling before proceeding to braiding. On the other hand, oiling the scalp soothes the skin. If your scalp is sensitive, it would be best to mix an essential oil with carrier oil and gently massage to soothe your skin.

If you suffer from dandruff, you can mix in some TeaTree oil to deal with this and reduce itchiness. This will help you keep the braid tidy for longer since you won’t be scratching your scalp afterwards.

Section Your Hair

This is very important, especially for those with thick hair. You do not want o snag and snap some of your tresses while getting this protective style. One way to avoid this is to work in clearly parted sections. These sections also help the whole hairdo to look neat once it is done.

Additionally, it will be helpful once you have to wash or oil your scalp again during your stay with the braids. The number and size of sections entirely depends on how big you want your braids to be.