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No matter what you need, we’ll help you. Whether you need your nails done for a special occasion or you simply want a relaxing day for yourself, our experts are here to help you. You just need to come to our nail salon, and we’ll handle the rest. In our salon, we combine the highest level of customer service with high-quality products and innovative techniques. You deserve to be treated by highly-trained nail artists. If you’re looking for a nail salon in and near Ann Arbor, then this is the place for you.

What Makes Us Different? 

At Hair Essentials Salon Studios, we provide our clients with the highest levels of luxury and sanitation while keeping our prices as low as possible. Let us be a part of a memorable occasion with your friends and your family. 

Our nail technicians are highly trained to provide high-quality foot care to patients who want beautiful, safe pedicures and callus treatment. The spa treatments we offer to our patients are medically safe, relaxing, and soothing. We guarantee you will receive the best care in a comfortable and clean environment. 

Any occasion can be made memorable with our premium services. Come on in to the best nail salon and enjoy a relaxing manicure in and near Ann Arbor today, grab a seat, and relax!

Hair Essentials Nail Services In Ann Arbor

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Pedicures can breathe new life into your nails to make them look clean and natural again. They involve soaking, washing, gently scrubbing, and shaping the cuticles and toenails of the feet, as necessary. After applying a massage cream to your feet and legs, you will be given a hot stone massage and wrapped in warm towels before polishing them.

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Having luxury nails will make you feel youthful and revitalized. In our manicure services, the nail is filed and shaped to your liking, along with pushing and trimming the dead cuticles before a base coat, nail color, and topcoat are applied.

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Nail Tips

We also offer nail tips and the usual manicures and pedicures offered at our nail salon. To do this, we will attach an acrylic or gel nail tip with an adhesive to your nail. Then, we will cut and shape the extension to your desired shape. We can create several shapes, including circles, squares, coffins, and stilettos.

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Dip Powder

Using Dip Powder, nails are dipped in a powder after a brush-on gel base has been applied. In addition to natural pink and white for a french manicure look, there are a variety of colors available. Powder dips look more natural and are thinner than other options offered in other nail places. The powder provides more strength than many gels and is more durable than traditional acrylics.

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Gel is a beautiful long-lasting polish that is applied like regular nail polish. Our clients love our gel services because the nails stay shiny and chip-free for at least seven days.

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Nail Art

Having become a global phenomenon with tv shows and expos regularly, nail art is a budding art form on its own. Our nail Salon in & near Ann Arbor provides you with endless forms of nail art and creative designs. There are many jewelry designs, pictures, logos, and different patterns you can choose from in our nail shop. Our nail art service is all about specialization precision and will turn your nails into a colorful facade.

4 Mistakes to Avoid in a Nail Salon

Not applying a base coat

Many people in other nail places skip the basecoat step when getting a manicure because they believe that it is unnecessary and a waste of time. Basecoats were created originally to keep your manicure for up to one week by binding to your natural nails. This is because our nails produce natural oils that prevent nail polish from sticking to the nail, so base coats prevent the oil from getting into the polish and prevent chipping.

Using thick coats of polish

We all enjoy a very pigmented look to our nails since it takes less time to complete and looks solid, and that automatically encourages us to apply thicker coats of nail polish. Although this may seem like the most logical thing to do, it is actually a major mistake when doing your manicure. When wearing thick coats of nail polish, the underside takes approximately 5-6 minutes to dry, leading to smudging. For protection reasons, nail polish, in general, is not designed to dry well when it’s thick. So what we do to give a premium manicure in & near Ann Arbor is applying 3 to 4 thin layers of nail polish instead of 1 or 2 thick layers.

Back and forth filing

It’s common for both professionals and amateurs to file their nails back and forth to make them smooth for their manicure, but the process actually damages your nails and ruins your whole manicure. The back and forth motion cause microcracks in the nails, making nail polish look brittle and uneven; it also weakens them and makes them more likely to break. To prevent the weakening of your nails and avoid spending money on future treatments to help them recover, our nail salon always files your nails in circular motions or one direction.

Using cold water to dry nails

People who would like their freshly polished nails to dry even faster usually dry their nails in cold water. In reality, cold water hardens nails rather than dries them, and the formula of regular nail polish requires oxygen to dry, not liquid. As you dip your fingers in cold water and wait for them to dry, what it does is harden the manicure and cause it to detach from your nails since the manicure was never totally dry.

Let us pamper you.

At Hesstudios, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make you fall in love with your hands and feet. World-class products and attentive artists enhance each of our services. We believe beauty and health are inseparable. We also offer salon suite rental, so if you’ve always dreamed of owning a salon, we have different salon studios for rent.