Henna Tattoo


Show them who you are as a person by the power of ink. Hair Essentials Salon Studios’ Henna Tattoo service is just what you need for that body art you’ve been yearning for. Your body is a canvas, and there’s nothing better than showing self expression through the art of tattoos. 

Top-Grade Henna Tattoo Service

Hair Essentials Salon Studios’ henna tattoo service is an experience like no other. Thanks to our team of expert tattoo artists, embracing the power of body art is now more accessible through this service of ours.

Why Henna?

Henna tattoo has been around for centuries and is already loved by many. Here are some reasons why Henna is the perfect choice for tattooing.

It’s safe

Henna tattoo is a safe tattooing technique because it doesn’t involve any harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. The ink that is used for this tattoo technique came from a plant called Lawsonia inermis, which is a natural solution for tattooing that is safe for the skin.

It fades over time

A henna tattoo is not permanent. After a few months, it will start to fade away making your skin ready for another batch of tattoo art. Unlike permanent tattoos, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a henna tattoo removed. Just let it fade over time and your body will be ready as a blank canvas once again. 

It’s painless

The big reason why people love henna tattoos is because of its painless drawing process. There are no sharp prickly needles involved in henna just like in permanent tattooing. So if you are scared of needles but still want to get a tattoo, our henna tattoo service is the one you’re looking for.

You Are The Canvas

Choose your own tattoo style and let us handle the rest of the drawing work. Our tattoo artists will be glad to draw your chosen style no matter how simple or complicated it is. 


Be it an arm, chest, neck, or whole body tattoo, our artist’s attention to detail will yield surprising results. Do keep in mind that this will take hours depending on the size of the drawing as well as its complexity


Pricing for this service will also depend on the two mentioned factors above. We are transparent when it comes to pricing so rest assured that there will be no hidden charges making its way to your receipt.

Quality Service You Can Trust

Our reputation as a trusty and reliable salon here at Ann Arbor is all thanks to our top-notch quality of work, and our henna tattoo service is no exception. That’s why you can always count on us without the worry of what might happen to your skin when being tattooed.

Embrace The Power Of Ink

Hear the silent whisper of your inner voice saying that it’s time to get a tattoo. Hair Essentials Salon Studios’ henna tattoo service is just one call away. You may now visit us in our main building or beep us up via our hotline numbers or social media accounts so you can schedule your henna tattoo appointment in advance.