The Perfect Hair Salon for Men, Women & Children in Ann Arbor, MI

Whether you are looking for space to open a salon of your own or looking for a good hair salon, you will first need to know the types of services that are offered at such an establishment. This allows you to offer a wide variety of haircut and hair styling services that are expected of today’s professional hair stylists. If you are a hairstylist and wish to have a one-stop shop for all your customers’ hair needs, here are some of the most popular services to offer.


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Some customers simply want a quick haircut to freshen up their look for an in-and-out hair salon visit. It is important for you to know how to cut the hair of men, women, and children into the most fashionable styles offered today.


Cut & Shampoo

For a slight upcharge, you can pair your customer’s haircut with a relaxing shampoo service. A shampoo clears away the newly cut hair to prevent itching and leave the customer looking and feeling his or her best.


Cut, Shampoo & Style (Basic or Full)

For customers who want a little more from their hair stylist, a haircut, shampoo and then basic or full style is just what the stylist ordered. These types of full-service hair care packages make your customers feel as though they’re relaxing at the spa, and they’ll leave with a brand-new look to show for it.


Kids’ Haircuts

You should offer haircut services for those little ones 12-years of age or younger. Not only should you be familiar with today’s popular children’s haircuts and styles, but you should know how to keep kids from getting too rambunctious while in the stylist’s chair. This may require toys, games, or simply a kind demeanor to help the little ones in your care relax.


Bangs/Beard Trim

Occasionally, a customer will walk into your hair salon for a quick touch-up. For that reason, it helps to offer a bangs, beard and even neck trim for those times when a full cut just isn’t necessary.


Basic or Full Hair Styling

A hair stylist should know how to style a customer’s hair to retain their usual appearance. Likewise, you should know how to please your customer when a completely new hairstyle is wanted. Listen to your customers and take great care that you understand what they expect before delivering exactly that.

Luxury Hair Styling

You should be familiar with a variety of head-turning and formal hair styling options. These are ideal for special occasions like weddings, bridal showers, and birthday parties. Examples of luxury hairstyles include French twists, braided up-styles, chignon, or any other look of your customer’s choice.


Complete Hair Color

For customers who want a stunning new look, a complete hair color may be just the thing. Your hair salon should offer a variety of professional hair color services, including permanent for gray coverage, semi for new colors, specialty for those wanting to make a bold change, and gray blending to maintain a natural appearance.


Highlights (Mini, Partial & Full)

Mini highlights are quick and provide your customers with a subtle highlighting effect all around the face. Partial highlights are ideal for those who want more dimensional color, and full are for those who want a complete color change with highlights and lowlights combined. It is important that you offer a wide variety of highlights services, as you want to be able to please every client who walks through your door.


Full Highlights/Color & Cut/Style

This is another hairstyle combination package that will leave your customers feeling as though they’re relaxing at the spa. You can combine a full or partial highlights service or color package with a haircut or hairstyle of your customer’s choice, leaving them feeling not only important, but properly cared for.


Perms, Relaxers & Retexturizing

A perm will give your customers curls and waves that are full of body. For those with naturally curly or frizz-prone hair that requires permanent smoothing, professional hair relaxer services will keep your customers always looking their best. For curly hair and to restructure your customers’ curl patterns, retexturizing is the ideal option. No matter if your customers ask for perms, relaxers and retexturizing services, you should always be prepared with the proper training and equipment to do a job well done.



Many hair salons today offer facial and lip waxing services to help customers look and feel their very best. Brow waxing can remove excess hair and exfoliate the skin, while facial waxing offers more smoothness along the upper lip line and chin. Both services can be offered with minimal investment and training, but customers will remember if you can offer these above and beyond services. That’s how to breed loyalty and get customers to return over and again.


Men’s Hair Styling Services

Along with a simple haircut and shampoo, many men want to sit in your stylist chair and be cared for just like everyone else. That’s why it’s important to offer such services as beard and mustache trimming, gray hair and beard blending, as well as a host of men’s color techniques.


Cleaning, Conditioning & Styling

For your salon to be successful, you should remain aware of why people go to the salon often. For many, a return visit to the salon offers a chance to be cleansed and made more attractive by a professional hair stylist.

Let’s start with the cleansing aspect. Some people have a normal washing routine that you should ask about and be cognizant of as the customer sits in your stylist chair. Some examples of cleansing routines include daily hair washing and those that only wash on certain days of the week or for longer periods of time. It all depends on how fast the customer’s hair and scalp get dirty and greasy.

Some people are not able to wash their hair as often and when they do, they prefer to let a professional do the job. A good hairstylist will listen to the customer’s explanation of their ideal washing routine and then adhering to their request with a thorough shampoo experience.

Doing a thorough job involves shampooing the customer’s scalp and then rinsing away all residue until the hair is squeaky clean.

After the cleansing process, the next step is to properly condition the customer’s hair. Although hair conditioner is not mandatory, conditioning is an important part of the hair salon experience. You want your customers to leave your salon with added moisture in your hair, which in turn helps to provide volume and bounce.

Moisture is also a necessary component to promote hair growth. Apart from regular conditioning, there is a deep conditioning. The latter is more intense than the former and mostly makes use of high heat. Hair dryers, heat caps and steamers are used to provide the heat which opens the cuticles so the hair can get the most moisture and other nutrients. It is, therefore, best to suggest that your customers get their hair conditioned at your hair salon, where all of your equipment is readily available.

Finally, at the end of shampooing and conditioning, you should offer services to style your customers’ hair. This can either be done using heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons, or by using other tools like rollers and flexirods. Have the proper equipment on hand so that you can please all customers who schedule or walk-in.


Hair Coloring

To remain competitive, your hair salon should offer a variety of coloring services. While it’s true that customers can color their hair at home using box dye, you should stress that it’s always best to get a professional to color their hair.

There are certain precautions that you should take when dying your customers’ hair. It is very easy to dry out the hair during a color treatment, which can lead to breakage if you do not follow the precise instructions. Breakage can also occur if customers are accustomed to treating and conditioning their hair often.

As a hairstylist, you should know how to follow the hair dye instructions to the letter. You should also be trained on how to care for color-treated hair to ensure the best outcomes.

To help customers make the best choice in having you color their hair over any do-it-yourself job, let them know that the color is less likely to backfire. Store-bought dye does not always look the same as the shade on the outer part of the box. At home, you would not know how to tell if the color is changing the way you like. Hair stylists are trained to do this, so you are much safer at a salon when it comes to coloring your hair.


Installing Extensions

Hair extensions are all the rage: from sewn in weaves, clip-in, tape-in and micro links or keratin fusion extensions. People want to have a full head of long hair and it looks best when you get the extensions installed at a salon.

There are different methods of installing these extensions and different types of hair to use. As a hairstylist, you should let your customers choose the best extensions for the strength and length they prefer.

You can also offer additional services, like those that allow your customers to get their extensions professionally dyed without damaging the quality of their hair, as this is an option many popular salons are currently offering. With these types of services, your customers can get the extensions cut to their liking and with a color shade that better blends with their natural hair.

Apart from extension installation, you should also offer services that allow your customers to get their installations removed professionally at your hair salon. This is one of the most delicate processes because it can easily damage your customers’ hair if done at home. Extensions such as clip-ins can easily be removed at home, but keratin fusion and tape extensions need special attention. That’s where your salon comes in, so make sure you offer extension installations and all the other services that go along with it.


Special Services

There are other special services that are offered in hair salons. Be mindful of these so that you can make yours the best hair salon in town. Tweezing is an example of a special service that involves the threading and shaping of the customer’s eyebrows. 

Since eyebrows are made up of hair, it makes sense that the service would be offered at a hair salon. To offer the best value, have a few pictures on hand so that your customers can point to and have you understand the shape they prefer. In many cases, however, the shape of the face determines the ideal look for the tweezing effect.


Are You Looking for the Ideal Hair Salon?

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