Hair Extension


Want longer hair minus the lengthy wait? Hair Essentials Salon Studios hair extension service is just what you need. Hair extensions are your best friend when you want to cover up a bad haircut, or if you want to add depth and dimension to your tresses without waiting for months.

Hair Extensions Galore

We have tons of hair extension styles for you to choose from. So whatever extension style you want, there’s always an option for everyone. 

Clip-in extensions

This one is the easiest and convenient way to attach hair extensions. Clip-in extensions are made with ease in mind. Just pick your chosen extension color, clip it on your hair, and then you’re done. Clip-in extensions let you attach and remove them anytime you want and don’t have any dangerous chemicals involved during the process. It’s also the most affordable too!

Tape-in extensions

As the name suggests, this extension type is taped to your hair roots. Our hairstylist will use a heating tool to ensure that the tape will stick to your hair with minimal chances of falling off. The process is quite lengthy, but the results will shock you because it will look like a part of your natural hair. 

Sew-in extensions

This one is quite a complicated process, but sew-in extensions look dazzling in your locks once they are placed. What our hairstylist will do first is to create mini cornrows on your hair where you want these extensions to be. Once done, the extensions will be “sewn” into the cornrows to ensure that it sits tight while looking natural. 

Pre-bonded extensions

Pre-bonded extension is the lengthiest hair extension process in this list, but also the most natural-looking. This process involves lots of adhesives, glues, and other hair extension materials to make the extensions stick to your natural hair. Although the process may take about an approximate time of three to four hours, the aftermath will be a beautiful-looking hair that flows smoothly. 


Hair Essentials Salon Studios also lets you choose your preferred extension length, color, and style. With our hair extensions, you can finally say goodbye to bad hair day and say hello to a more beautiful you. 

Your Hair, We Care

We know that some hair extension methods will be damaging to your hair. But our professional hairdressers and stylists will ensure that the state of your natural hair will stay intact. So rest assured that there will be little to no damage to be done as we do the hair extension process. 


With our premium-grade hair care products, your locks’ natural state will still shine without the added damage from our hair extensions equipment. With Hair Essentials Studios Salon, our commitment to providing quality hair services such as extensions is our top priority. 

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Ready to show off that long hair look? Hair Essentials Salon Studios is open for reservations. And there’s no better time to book a hair extension appointment than now. So give us a call via our hotline numbers or beep us up on our social media account in advance.