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Getting hair color is an excellent way to switch to a new look or cover gray and white hair. Just as your hair changes shades, you can go ahead and have it dyed in a color of your choice. There is not just one but multiple methods that hairstylists use to apply specific colors to hair. While many people might want to try coloring their hair on their own, the best idea is to seek the expert help of an experienced hair color specialist or a hairstylist for the most natural look.

At the Hair Essentials Salon Studios, we provide a wide variety of hair coloring services for clients in Ann Arbor, MI. Our natural hair color specialists carry a great deal of experience in hair coloring and hair dying.

How to Choose the Best Hair Color

Selecting the best hair color is not as simple as looking at a color chart and picking the color you like most. Even before you check out the color chart, you need to know what your hair color goals are.

To set your hair color goals, you first need to ask yourself why you want to get your hair colored and what technique you will prefer for getting it done. Whether you look for a lighter shade, or darker shade, or want to conceal the gray hair, you need to select those methods that align with your goal. If you want expert help in this connection, you should head straight to our hair salon studio and have a consultation with one of our highly trained hair color specialists. Talking to a professional is the best thing you can do to successfully fulfill your hair color goals.

The best hair color specialists at our salon will help you select the right type of color to match your skin tone and transform your hair.

There are multiple coloring methods through which you can transform the look of your tresses for different occasions and events. No matter what kind of looks you want to achieve, our hair color specialists will provide you with expert consultation and apply top-quality coloring products to your hair.

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Types of Hair Coloring Services We Offer

We offer the following coloring techniques:

Highlights color palette


Even though this coloring method has existed for quite a long time, it has never lost its significance. Highlights refers to the application of lighter shades to the hair to make an impact. Whether you want to apply just one color or a combination of more than one color, you can always rely on our natural hair color specialists to have the job well done for an impressive look.

Lowlights hair coloring


This is a type of hair coloring in which the hairstylist applies darker shades to the hair to add dimension and depth to the hair. If you think one-tone color has made your hair look flat, you should go for lowlights to transform your look. Our hair color specialists will apply lowlight color in a way that squeezes new life into the look of the hair while also adding naturalness.

Ombre hair color specialist


This technique involves lightening the middle and the bottom section of the hair. If you plan to achieve a dramatic and vibrant look, ombre hair color is your ideal option. With our hairstylists by your side, you can feel confident that the technique will be applied in the correct manner. We also offer ombre highlights which is a beautiful combination of the highlights and the ombre coloring techniques.

Balayage hair color


This hair color refers to the application of multiple colors at a time to create a gradient effect. It is the job of the hairstylist to blend all the colors in a manner which looks natural and beautiful. Using this special technique, you will be able to add a great deal of dimension to your hair. Our specialists will blend multiple colors remarkably to produce artistic smooth color transitions.

Hair color specialists coloring a woman's hair


As the name suggests, this coloring technique produces a bold and vibrant look. Using this technique, the hair color specialist can change either only some sections of the hair or change the color of the entire hair. This involves the use of unnatural colors for a stylish and unconventional look. Funky hair coloring allows you to choose from seven vibrant shades.

Baby lights hair color


For women with light blonde hair, the babylights coloring technique is one of the most suitable options. Our natural hair color specialists will use a combination of whites, blue-toned blonde and ash colors to produce an angelic effect. The coloring technique is called babylights for its delicate look.

Apart from these techniques, you can also get custom hair color styling done as per your individual needs. If you want to know more about coloring methods and techniques, you should get in touch with one of our highly reputed hair color specialists at our hair salon in and near Ann Arbor, MI. Our services also include salon suite rental and salon studios for rent.

Talk to a Hair Color Specialist

There are multiple coloring styles and methods. Based on your individual goals, you can choose single process hair coloring, permanent hair coloring, permanent ammonia-free hair coloring, semi-permanent hair coloring etc. Our specialists carry with them tons of experience to help you choose a hair color that is the best match for what exactly you are planning to achieve. Our professionals will patiently listen to your needs and then present you with the most ideal options. Finally, the specialist will apply the hair coloring product to your hair using expert skills. Once the coloring is done, you can be sure to have a beautiful and transformed look.

For your hair color consultation, feel free to give our hair salon in and near Ann Arbor, MI, a phone call or write us an email. 

Talk to a Hair Color Specialist

Hair Essentials Salon Studios offers some of the best hair color specialists, both for men and women. Additionally, we also offer hair extensions to add length and volume to your hair. You can also seek our help, if you are in search of salon suite rental services in Ann Arbor, MI. To schedule your consultation with one of our hair color specialists, you can give us a phone call or write us an email.