Hair Braiding In & Near Ann Arbor, MI


Hair braiding has never been so stylish with Hair Essentials Salon Studios. Our hair braiding service is just what you need to give your hair an all-new depth to make it stand out from the rest.

Want Braids? We’ll Give You Braids

Braid is one of the most versatile hairstyles that is loved by women. And if you are having trouble braiding on your own, or can’t achieve that complicated braid you wanted, Hair Essentials Salon Studio is here to save the day.

Hairstylists That You Can Rely On

Our team of hair experts will be glad to assist you with your chosen braid. Whether you want a French braid, fishtail braid, or rope braid, fret not because we always got your back. Here’s a list of braids we do:

  • Classic braid – the classic three-strand braid everyone knows and loves. It’s the simplest braiding style that works better in long hair.
  • Ladder braid – the art of combining a waterfall and French braid together. Perfect for those looking for a unique-looking braid style.
  • Lattice braid – nothing screams ‘instagrammable’ better with the Lattice braid. This crisscrossing type of braid is a fan favorite that will make your Twitter or Instagram feed more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Rope braid – it’s the traditional simple braid style that comes in different variants.
  • Waterfall braid – this braid style will make you look like you’re wearing a tiara. Now you can show them who’s the queen!
  • French braid – similar to the classic braid style, but with an added depth and structure since it starts from the scalp.
  • Pigtail braid – also referred to as ‘pigtails’ only, is a classic braid style that features two symmetrical braids from both sides of your hair.
  • Ponytail braid – just like a normal ponytail, but braided. Similar to pigtails but only features one braid at the center of your hair instead of two from either side. 
  • Fishtail braid – this one is just like a French braid, but more smoother in definition and structure. And also, it resembles a tail of a fish as the name suggests.

With a plethora of braid styles to choose from, you can never go wrong with Hair Essentials Salon Studios. We also do special requests if your chosen braid style is not in the list above. 

Hair Care Like Never Before

Before we start with the braiding process, we ensure that your hair is in good condition to be braided. That’s why you will get a special treatment first to make your hair soft, smooth, and ready to be braided. Our hairstylist will take care of this to make sure that you’ll have that awesome braid no matter the length of your hair.

Book Our Braiding Service Today

Our doors are always open here at Hair Essentials Salon Studios. To save yourself from the trouble of walk-in hassle, you can always give us a call to schedule your braiding appointment in advance. Feel free to give us a call via our hotline numbers, or reach us through our social media accounts.