Eyebrow Threading


Worried about your eyebrows getting thicker? Hair Essentials Salon Studios eyebrow threading service is the perfect solution for that. This century-old method of clearing excess hair out of your eyebrows is a favorite among our clients that you must definitely try.

Benefits of Eyebrow Threading

There are good reasons why eyebrow threading is the most preferred way to give your eyebrows a more defined shape and look, here’s why:


Eyebrow threading is pain-free compared to waxing. It basically consisted of two threads twisted together which are used to grab and remove eyebrow hair. This means no extra tools or toxic chemicals needed, unlike waxing.

It’s Safe 

Since there are no chemicals involved, eyebrow threading is safe and won’t put damage to your skin. This is essential for those people who have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated by chemical applications.


Eyebrow threading won’t cost you a fortune since there won’t be extra tools or chemicals to be used as said earlier. You can also get the best eyebrow threading deals here at Hair Essentials Salon Studios that you won’t find anywhere else.

Fast and worry-free

Eyebrow threading is a quick and easy process that can be done in less than an hour. So if you are running late for an appointment and have availed of our eyebrow threading service at the last minute, you’ll be surprised how fast the entire process will be.

Precision at its finest

The final best thing about eyebrow threading is its accuracy. Its style of plucking out hair allows our team to work with precision so you’ll get finer and defined-looking brows. Now you don’t have to use razor blades to get that well-shaped eyebrows you always wanted.

Let Our Team Handle Your Eyebrows

Hair Essentials Salon Studios is here to be at your service for all your eyebrow threading needs. We have a separate team that specializes in this service who are experts in this field. And with our commitment to quality, we assure you that there will be no compromises just to get the job done quickly.

Eyebrows On Fleek Done Right

Our eyebrow threading service is catered for everyone who wants to get their eyebrows done. Whether you are a male or female, our team will be glad to assist you to get that sleek-looking eyebrows that will surely attract attention. 


We also accept requests as well. So either you want your eyebrows to look more thinner, or have a specific eyebrow style you want to achieve, talk to us and we will do that for you. 

Contact Us Today

Ready to rock that clean and refined-looking eyebrows? Go ahead and visit us here at Ann Arbor. Should you want to schedule your eyebrow threading appointment, you can always give us a call through our hotline numbers too. You can also reach us via sending a message on our social media accounts. Our doors are always open here at Hair Essentials Salon Studios and we can’t wait to be at your service anytime soon.