Did you know? Freezing temperatures will give plenty of benefits to your health. This is why you should give our cryotherapy service a try. This is a form of therapy that is used to relieve body ailments that are often found in the muscles, joints, or ligaments. So if ever you are experiencing these kinds of pain, our door is always open for your cryotherapy appointment.

Why You Should Try Cryotherapy

If this is your first time trying our cryotherapy service, then here are good reasons why you have made the right choice:

Migraine begone

Migraines can be a pain in the head and may worsen if not prevented. But thanks to cryotherapy, it helps get rid of migraine symptoms so you can finally perform at your best without headache creeping in. 

Helps relieve nerve irritation

Cryotherapy helps ease your nerves so you can move freely without feeling any numbness. This is important for athletes who are always physically active every day. 

You can lose weight

It’s surprising that a procedure such as cryotherapy can help you lose weight. But it is actually possible and has been used by beauticians all around the world including us. So if you want to lose weight faster, pair your diet and exercise with cryotherapy.

Improves your mood

Cryotherapy also helps in reducing stress so you can conquer the day at your best. This is because of endorphins released in your body that make you happier and reduces the risk of getting mood swings.

Boosts wellness

Cryotherapy is the secret to a more confident and beautiful-looking you. It helps you live life better minus the worry and insecurities about your body. There’s no wonder why cryotherapy started to get trendy nowadays because of its health and wellness benefits.

Our Cryotherapy Offerings

Here at Hair Essentials Salon Studios, we have various types of cryotherapy services that are suited for both men and women. 

Cryotherapy facial

Say goodbye to wrinkles, pores, and other signs of aging with our cryotherapy facial service. If beauty creams aren’t doing you any good, consider availing this cryo facial service of ours and see the difference.

Cryotherapy slimming

We mentioned earlier that cryotherapy helps you lose weight and this is just the perfect service for that. Our cryotherapy slimming service helps you get that dream body in no time. This is the most effective and efficient way to lose fat along with your diet regimen.

Cryotherapy toning

Ever wanted to get that toned body minus the wrinkles, sunburns, and other skin complications? Then our cryotherapy toning service is just what you need. Get the confidence you need while showing off those toned curves with this service.

Contact Us Today

Wellness awaits inside our doorstep. So go ahead and visit us here at Ann Arbor and avail our cryotherapy services. Want to book an appointment in advance? Feel free to call us via our hotline numbers or by sending us a message via social media. So what are you waiting for? Get your Hair Essentials Salon Studios’ cryotherapy treatment today!