After many emails asking if he/she should be starting a hair salon, I sat down to jot some thoughts down on this topic so there won’t be any misunderstandings. As with the choice of going into business there is quite a bit to think about before you make a commitment.

I want to make it as simple as possible for you to make the crucial decisions that you think about, obviously not knowing what to expect or if you can even attract any customers. If you are having a little apprehension that’s certainly understandable and probably healthy as well, but please don’t let that keep you from proceeding forward from your objective of owning your own business, even in this economy.

Now, I’m not going to suggest a particular business plan for you, or tell you how to save money on renting a building, I’m sure you know what’s best in your area. No, what I want to speak to you about is you and how hard you’re going to work to make it all happen.

And if you think that you can send out some flyer’s and people pour in … you can forget it. Most likely, it’ll be the absolute hardest gig you ever pulled, but hey, don’t let that even slow you down. There’s probably quite a few of you that are ready to start the journey but you’ve held back for a number of different reasons. And I’m certainly not going to try to read your mind to understand what’s going on but my desire today is to give you the nitty-gritty aspects that you have to have so you can succeed.

Nevertheless, most likely you haven’t discovered all of them yet, but it’s certainly not your fault … because there are many in the beauty industry that don’t have it either and I’m not going to blow smoke up your skirt but they are at least making a living. But I know that won’t satisfy you. I realize you’re confident that you can do more and achieve greater success than most run-of-the-mill salons … and you will IF:

You pursue your trade with a passion: Most folks, regardless of what kind of work they do only function on a moderate level of accomplishment. Most don’t attempt to achieve or succeed, they are complacent and mundane in their work ethics. Oh yea, they have dreams about their reputations and certainly about making the big bucks, but they won’t do what’s necessary to make it happen. I’ll tell you straight up – if you won’t put forth more effort than everyone else you’ll blend in just exactly like everyone else; just another beauty shop to try once and move on to the next one. Oh you might get some patrons that will stay with you for a while but you’re not building a business, you’ve just bought yourself a job. Remember, the achievers do what the non-achievers won’t do and that drives you to go the extra distance for your business.

You know how to give exceptional customer service: Your folks will become customers and then clients when you know how to care for them in ways that other hairdressers don’t. I’m fairly positive that if I told you that practically in any town in the world there would be quite a number of salons that men and women can choose to get their hair cut. What do you think will make the difference? Let me make sure you know exactly what it is: YOU! Only you can instill the difference to your prospective clients, so it’s certainly up to you to figure out how to give exceptional customer service.

You have to know how to market yourself: This is what will separate the talkers from the players, and only you can make can make it happen by doing what others won’t. Everyone expects to have to spend time learning how to cut hair and color hair and all the other aspects of being a very good stylists. My gosh, you must be very proud of your accomplishments so far in your industry, and why not. But honing your skills in your trade won’t bring in the money … if you haven’t figured it out yet, no matter how well you perform you have to know how to get people sitting in the chair in front of you. And so the very one the can learn how to get people in that chair on a regular basis is the one that gets all the accolades and then gets the healthy paychecks too. There’s not a simple 3 step method for marketing salons; it’s a constant application of little things that will never cease to bring in customers every day until you’ve filled up your calendar and can’t get another on it.

Is there material available for you to learn more about this? Oh heck yea, plenty, you just have to look for it and then begin to methodically apply it to your business. One last incredibly important part: do something everyday that will bring you some customers and that is when you begin to see the money.

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