HESSTUDIOS Offers Salon Studios for Rent in & Near Ann Arbor, MI.

Why Hesstudios?

At Hair Essentials Salon Studios, we want to help you fulfill your dream of opening your own salon suite with our salon studios for rent. We have a variety of salon suite sizes available, each one fully customizable to suit your taste and preferences. Need a small nail salon studio or an extra-large hair salon? We have the perfect studio available that you can call your own. This is your chance to create the ideal business to match your vision. What are you waiting for?

Having Full Control

24/7 Access To The Salon

Great Security

Fully Equipped Salons

Let Your New Adventure Begin…Rent A Salon Now!

At our salon studios for rent, we have the best beauty professionals who are ready to do amazing beauty services for your hair and nails and etc.


From hair and nails to massage therapy and cryotherapy. Hair Essentials Salon Studios is your local source for all-in-one salon greatness. We want you to always look your best, be relaxed, and be pampered. We have gathered together some of the best talents in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, and offer convenient appointment times and affordable rates. Save time and bring out your inner hotness by choosing us for your next salon appointment.

Salon Studios for Rent

Calling Local Talent: Salon suite rental Now Available – Customize Your Salon & Start Building Your Loyal Clientele

Hair Essentials Salon Studios wants to help you fulfill your dream of opening your own salon. We have a variety of salon suite rental sizes available, each one fully customizable to suit your taste and preferences. Need a small nail salon studio or an extra-large hair salon? We have the perfect salon studios for rent available that you can call your own. This is your chance to create the ideal business to match your vision. What are you waiting for?

About Our Salon Studios for Rent

Each of our studios can be designed to match your unique personality and the image you wish to convey to your customers. Consider the studio as a blank canvas that you are free to dress up how you choose. The studio offers keyless entry, audio and video access for customer entertainment, and complimentary commercial laundry facilities. You can ensure clean air with our state-of-the-art ventilation systems, and all utilities are included in the lease price!

You Are in Charge!

When you lease a studio, you retain full control at all times. We merely provide the space. Whether you do nails, hair, massages, or cryotherapy, we have you covered. You can access your studio anytime, seven days per week, allowing you to work your magic at whatever time works best.

Have fun with your new studio space and let your imagination guide you as you create an inviting atmosphere for all your guests. You will be able to develop the ideal workspace that enables you to network with other experienced professionals. There is even a well-stocked private breakroom in the back of every salon suite rental that is complete with tidy restrooms, and that is perfect for socializing with other professionals while having lunch.

No matter where your salon is located, each one is designed for plenty of walk-in opportunities, along with free parking for all your customers.

Your hair salon suite will also be turnkey. For hairstylists, you will be ready to open your doors and start your business before you know it, as your studio will be fully stocked. That’s right; your studio will come complete with a styling station, shampoo station, styling chair, shampoo bowl, and hairdryer setup. There is even Wi-Fi available so your guests can surf the web when you are dolling them up for a night on the town.

Not a hairstylist? Not to worry; we offer additional packages for those who are not the shampoo and style type of professional. We have spaces for aestheticians, beauty retail professionals, massage therapists, industry consultants, and plenty more.

As far as customers are concerned, our salon studios for rent are a one-stop shop for all their beauty and relaxation needs. We understand how stressful everyday life can be, and so we strive to provide our clientele with a special little retreat of luxury. This is where our salon suite rental comes in. Give our clients yet one more reason to visit, to see your expertise in action so they can always look and feel their best!

Be Your Own Boss

You have the talent, and now is your time to run your own hair salon. Many of the professionals who lease our salon studios first started working in partnership with other established brands or began operating from home. These salon professionals soon realized that their paths were riddled with too many obstacles. No matter how hard they worked, success eluded them.

It takes a lot of cash to open a salon, after all, from renting the location to purchasing the equipment and getting all the amenities and furniture together. The process is expensive and time-consuming, and it might be years before your business is in the black.

By leasing a ready-to-go studio, our studio salon leaseholders are able to hit the ground running. They have easy access to walk-in traffic and can network with other professionals to bring in more clientele. With one of our salon studios for rent, you can make as much profit as you can.

We started offering these turn-key salon suite rentals as a way to help young beauty professionals start their businesses without the hassle and when they don’t have access to bucket loads of cash. If you are a professional with talent and skills, and you wish to make a name for yourself with your own salon brand, we can help. Visit and take a tour of our premises and see the studios we have available for lease right now. Finally, you can have the space for living out your dream of opening a salon that you can easily manage, and with the assistance you need to maintain the perfect environment for business success. 



Benefits of Leasing a Turn-Key Studio 

  • Full Control: The salon suite rental space is entirely yours. You get total privacy, which you can’t always get at home or while working for someone else. You can operate your business the way you want and without an ounce of interference. 
  • Opportunity: With your own studio surrounded by others, you will always be among professionals just like you. Networking with other salon operators and their employees lets you exchange ideas, learn from one another, and grow together. This access to experts like you is particularly beneficial if you are new to the industry.
  • Entrepreneurship: You might be working with a brand, but nothing beats working for yourself. You decide the hours of operation and the work schedule you can live with, and that’s how your salon will operate. 
  • Open-Ready: Your salon will be fully furnished with all the equipment, amenities, and furniture you need to please your clientele. You don’t need to spend a dime on anything within the interior unless you wish to redecorate in any way. You don’t even have to do any maintenance. We take care of everything. You will be free to run your business and pay the monthly rent, and we will take care of all the rest. 
  • Security: We have security cameras pointed and key points around the area and offer private entry and a lockable studio for your peace of mind. 
  • Restrooms: You, your staff, and customers will always have access to well-maintained restroom facilities. 
  • Self-Management: You are accountable for your own business. This isn’t like working for someone else, where you may have to deal with salon politics. With our studio, you’re the boss.
  • Referral Magnet: Leasing a studio gives you access to an incredible blend of beauty experts who are excellent sources of referrals. With hair, nail, and other salons all under the same roof, sharing clientele becomes second-hand, which is always great for your business.
  • Profitable: As long as the rent is upheld, you keep 100% of the money you make. This is one of our leaseholders’ favorite advantages. We don’t mandate tip pools or benefit sharing. You keep what you earn, period. 
  • 24/7 Access: Your business runs on clients, and you hate saying no to any appointments. Since you can access your studio anytime you want to, night or day, now you no longer have to deny any clients, ever.
  • Save Money: Opening your own studio in another location can get quite expensive. Leasing a studio with us, on the other hand, lets you minimize your expenses for a quick Opening Day and far more profit. 
  • Credibility: When you can give your business a central location as opposed to your home address, clients begin to view you with a loftier mindset. A salon studio for rent with us is like a seal of approval on the already magical services you offer.
  • Retail: You can sell products to boost profit potential, as long as you agree never to sell styling products given to you by us.
  • All-in-One Salons: There is a space for you in one of our studios, whether you are a hairstylist, nail artist, esthetician, massage therapist, or any other salon professional.

How Can Clients Find You?

Many first-time studio leaseholders want to know how clients will approach you.

Website: Your new salon will have a profile on our website that is easily searchable from the web. The profile will include valuable details about your business and anything else you wish to add, along with contact information for ease of scheduling.

Phone: Clients can call directly from the website to schedule appointments.

Walk-Ins: A potential client may be leaving on their way from a hair appointment when they see your new nail salon and go inside. For hairstylists, customers coming in for massage may want to book for their next salon visit. These types of walk-in opportunities are commonplace for all our studio leaseholders.

Get Creative: Spread your wings and begin marketing yourself, and you will find yourself building your new salon brand before you know it.

Visit our location in Ann Arbor, where we are always at your service, and tour our selection of salon studios for rent. Hair and accompanying beauty services are some of the largest industries in the world. Everyone wants to look terrific and feel amazing, and your services are where they should turn. Whether it is for a first date, a work event, or general day-to-day, your customers want access to services just like yours for beauty and relaxation. Lease a studio today and begin building your loyal clientele!


Why Choose Us?

Ann Arbor has no shortage of hair and beauty salons, so you may be wondering why you should choose Hair Essentials Salon Studios for rent. We offer what no other salon suite rental in the area provides!

Professional Services

Everyone you come into contact with is a professional. Each of our staff is vetted to ensure they have the necessary training before entrusting them with our clientele.

Customer Service

We have worked hard to become the best in the area for customer service. We offer comfortable seating and friendly waiting areas, along with fun entertainment options.


We give you all-in-one access to your favorite beauty services in a single location. Whether you want hair salon service, nail salon service, or any other salon service, your appointment awaits.


We offer quality services at affordable fees so they can be sustainable. We want you to have access to all your favorite beauty services at any time of year and all year long.


Hair Essentials Salon Studios is your one-stop shop for beauty salon services. If you want a professional catering to your needs, pampering you with the latest looks and styles, and helping you look and feel your best, give us a call today. We can help you achieve and maintain your unique and attractive look through these professional services you always have access to at affordable prices. We can help you find the studio and professional to book your appointment for your convenience and to save you time.

We also provide aromatherapy, oxygen therapy, meditation, and mud baths as additional health and beauty treatments for relieving muscles and easing aches and pains. These methodologies, some of which have been used for eons, can soothe stress, detoxify your body, soften your skin, and boost your circulation. Try them today for better health, balanced pH levels, and to silence the outside world when the noise has become too much.

To maintain healthier skin, we offer a range of skincare services that depend on your unique skin care needs.


Other Salon Services We Offer

We don’t just offer hair and nail services; the facial is only one other aspect of the services we provide. We want you to consider us your all-in-one salon experience.

Massage Services 

When life gets stressful, and you get tense, we invite you to schedule an appointment for a deep and relaxing massage. There is nothing like getting a professional massage after a long week at work, or when life has you down. Our massage therapists are experts in a variety of methodologies, each one designed to improve your health and relax tension. 

Choose from muscle-soothing massage packages like Neuromuscular therapy massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, chair massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and trigger point, among others. 

We also offer hair services like hair removal, eyelash extensions, waxing, threading, and nail care services. 

Our nail services include nail enhancements, manicures, pedicures, nail art, nail extensions, silk/fiberglass overlays, acrylic overlays, and UV gel extensions. 

We can also keep your feet healthy by removing calluses and providing you with overall foot care. 

For your face, we offer cosmetic treatments and facial aesthetics that will have you turning heads for any occasion. 

Call us today at (734) 219-5786 to book your appointment. 

What is Located Nearby?

There are a couple of restaurants you can visit after experiencing your favorite beauty and relaxation treatments. You can visit Ann Arbor Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar, for example. The US Marine Corps Recruiting Office is also nearby, as well as the Ann Arbor Secretary of State. 

Where Are We Located?

We are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on Washtenaw Avenue in Washtenaw County. 

Driving Directions from the University of Michigan: Head West on Geddes Avenue toward Washtenaw. Turn left at the first cross street onto Washtenaw for about four miles until you see our sign.

Driving Directions from Ann Arbor Airport: Get on I-94 E in Ann Arbor from S State St. Take exit 180A – 180B to Washtenaw Avenue in Pittsfield Charter Township. Take exit 37A from US-23 N and merge onto I-94 E. Take exit 180A-180B and merge onto US-23E. Take exit 37A toward M-17/Ypsilanti and use any lane to turn right onto Washtenaw. Continue on Washtenaw until you see our sign. 

Nail Salon: Get expert manicures and pedicures from the area’s best nail technicians. We offer nail and cuticle care, exfoliation, hydrating treatments, and paraffin. Choose among a wide range of nail colors and finishes to bring out your unique style with exceptional and relaxing nail services you can always trust.

Hair Salon: Visit our hair salon and get one-on-one attention that brings out your complete inner beauty. Our stylists have experience with a wide range of styles for men, women, and children, and offer hair styling, coloring, texturing, and more. Try a new look to beautify your current style for a significant boost to your aesthetics and confidence.

Beauty Salon: Have an event coming up or simply want to look your best during your day-to-day, we offer hair relaxing, perms, colors, shampoos, conditions, hair curling, reconstructing, waving, weaving for your convenience. Come in and get pampered by some of Ann Arbor’s best hair artisans and leave feeling like a brand-new you.

Haircut: Men and boys deserve the best haircuts, too. Our barbershop services include haircuts, combing, styling, shampoos, and shaving for a neat and sophisticated look. We can also perform beard trimming and other haircut services that allow you to care for yourself in true style.

Hair Braiding: Get an entirely new look with hair braiding by expert braiders in Ann Arbor. We offer a range of the latest trends, such as box braids, African hair braiding, and hair weaves. We are committed to making every visit one that rejuvenates your life. Our hair braiders are ready to accommodate you!

Eyelash Extensions: Enhance the shape and volume of your natural lashes with lash extensions that stay in place and won’t irritate for long-term comfort and beauty. Your eyes are beautiful and deserved to be framed, and eyelash extensions do just that. When nature didn’t give you the lashes you want, call to book your eyelash extension appointment and enjoy this popular beauty-enhancing treatment for yourself.

Facials: Your face deserves excellent care just like your hair and nails. We offer a wide range of facial treatments that will rejuvenate and nourish your skin for freshness you can see and feel. We offer facials for all skin types and goals, and can even help with skin problems like acne, rosacea, and others. Get pampered and treat your face the way it deserves and experience clearer and healthier skin.

Weave: Come in and get treated like a VIP while we weave in your favorite designs and styles for an all-over beauty enhancement. Our professional hair weavers specialize in sew-in hair weaves for long-term reliability that helps you always look your best. Ask about your favorite hairstyles, textures, and lengths today and we can provide you with weave services that are sure to please.

Massage: Get professional massage services to deeply relax those tense muscles and soothe stress away. Our massage therapists are experts in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, reflexology massage, and hot stone massage. Flush away toxins and improve your quality of life while getting pampered under the hands of a true artist by choosing our Ann Arbor massage therapists.

Waxing: Get rid of unwanted hair without razors, razor burn, or ingrown hairs by choosing our waxing salon. Waxing is quick and allows you to remain hair-free for extended periods of time. Our waxing services include leg waxing, lip waxing, full body waxing, and face waxing. Then, after your body waxing, why not visit the hair salon or barbershop to complete your hair services experience.

Hair Extensions: When you want long, luscious locks in a variety of styles and colors, you should choose us for your next hair extension appointment. We give you all the styles, colors, and lengths you want for maintenance-free hair extensions that will stay in when you need them to. They won’t damage your existing hair and look great for all occasions for hair extension services with a satisfaction guarantee.

Microblading: Your aesthetician can fill in your eyebrows with this eyebrow tattooing technology. Using a pen-like device that contains tiny blades, the technician will infuse each slice of your brow with ink, allowing for the coloring and shaping of your eyebrows. An anesthetic is applied beforehand to ensure comfort, so don’t let the mention of the tiny blades scare you. Book today for an eyebrow beautifying treatment that allows you to get more from the brows nature gave you.

Make-Up Artist: Have a wedding coming up or another big event? Do you want to enhance your makeup applying skills by getting suggestions from an expert? We have some of the top beauty experts in Ann Arbor, giving you access to makeup creations with a wide range of colors, textures, and product brands. Learn how to enhance your lips, eyes, cheeks, chin, forehead, and all your other favorite parts with make-up artistry that works like magic to enhance your beauty.

Henna/Tattoo: Express your unique sense of style with imaginative designs by expert Henna and permanent tattoo artists. Henna is growing in popularity and the temporary creations are a hit with birthday parties and other special events, as well as a way to convey a one-of-a-kind image. Tattoos give you a way to tell a story using your skin as a canvas. Our tattoo artists offer a range of colors and styles and tattoo creations of all sizes. Schedule your appointment today and dress up the skin you’re in with henna and tattoos by experienced artisans.

Eyebrow Threading: Are your eyebrows looking a little thin? Want to shape your eyebrows to make a certain statement? We offer professional eyebrow threading by experienced beauty experts. Sit back and our aestheticians will go to work, giving you the eyebrow color and shape you want. Add volume and a brand-new look to your already beautiful eyes with eyebrow threading in several unique colors and styles.

Cryotherapy: When you have pesky pockets of fat that don’t regularly respond to diet and exercise, cryotherapy can help. This revolutionary fat-loss method targets fat deposits with a cold-inducing laser that kills fat cells. Only the fat cells are affected, and the ones that are frozen and killed will eventually flush from your body. While you can see immediate results after a short cryotherapy session, your true results will present themselves over the next few months. Get all your favorite body parts streamlined with the power of cold by choosing us for cryotherapy today.

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